It rained like hell today. First time in a long time. A truck crashed on I93 North and was hanging off the overpass by Exit 28. All the lanes were closed. I wondered what was going on as Kimberly gave me a ride home from work and we got on the highway just upstream of the accident and it was traffic free.

A half hour later when Tami and I left traffic was a little thicker. Then with all the rain it just kept getting heavier and heavier until the sign just before we got on Rte 90 said that it was 18 miles to 495 and it would take us 61 minutes.

You hope it’s wrong but these days they have the technology down so well that it never is. While accuracy is good for planning, it takes away hope. We used to be able to beat the GPS but that never happens anymore.

It took three hours to get to Worcester, a trip that normally takes an hour. I was trying to keep a zen attitude, listening to Club D’Elf on headphones while Tami slept or listened to NPR.

We switched drivers at the Taco Bell in Ludlow. We walked the dogs and I got a burrito while she got nachos. We filled up the dogs’ water.

While Tami drove, I read the paper. Karen Black died. Woody Allen has a new movie with Cate Blanchett. She steals it.

As we crossed the Housitonic to start the long climb up the Berkshires, fog wafted up from the valley. The mists enveloped the hills like gossamer shawls giving us our own Smoky Mountains.