Conceptual Irregularities

The modern composer refuses to die – Edgar Varese



Cat Dreams

Karen longs to go out because she fancies herself a hunter. She kind of is pretty good at it but it scares us to let her out now that we live in the country. There are many more predators plus we live on a main road. She sits in the window and looks out at the birdies at the feeder makes this hissy crackly sound. She puts on what Tami calls her hunter face, mouth slightly open. Right now, though, she is asleep on the bed, her tail twitching, prey in sight in her cat dreams.

I’d rather be hunting….

The Simple Life

Today was cooler. I picked raspberries tonight in Lorraine’s yard. Jiffy is lying on the bed with me. Stormy is his spot underneath The bed. My wife is watching The Young and The Restless tapes in the living room. It’s not much, it’s simple, and it’s home.
There was nothing that piqued my interest in the news today so I’ll talk about something else. Karen, our cat, is so full of life. She is playful and loves the dogs, playing with them, running after them and jumping over them. The dogs seem to regard her with bemusement. They generally ignore her. They let her eat their food and they wish they could eat hers, but they can’t.

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